Software & Training Services

Apart from my existing projects, I am also generally available for hire to improve quality of software at your organisation. Please contact me for availability and offers.

Software Training

Nix/NixOS Training

Development & Operations

Nix is a brilliant tool for package and development environment management. Nix can improve consistency and developer productivity for your team. I offer introductory training and consultation for Nix/NixOS and how you can use it in your projects in your team.

Terraform Training


Terraform is a tool from Hashicorp for managing your cloud resources. It lets you provision infrastructure by defining it as code and making the results not only reproducible, but easy to debug and inspect. I offer single and multi day training as well as consultancy for working with Terraform

Kubernetes Training


I have been using Kubernetes since it first came out and have since worked with it extensively including building custom Kubernetes operators. I am happy to provide various levels of Kubernetes training based on your needs.

Software Development

Full-Time Software Development

Full-Time Work

While my availability often varies because of other consulting works, in general, I am also available for full-time jobs working with technologies that I offer training on, and more. Please checkout my Resume and get in touch if you think I might be a good fit.

Bespoke Software Development

Part-Time Work

If you are looking for someone to develop software particular to your needs and need somebody only for that single project, I am also available to offer you my services either as a member of your team or an outsource for building software. Checkout my CV for more details of my past work and send me an e-mail.